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Despite having successful careers in technology and finance, the partners at Macfarlane & Macfarlane still found themselves facing a lot of adversity in dealing with the education, health care and legal systems. Having to overcome discrimination, apathy, incompetence and ignorance, they felt that there was a great need for better advocacy and representation. In order to achieve this, the husband and wife team went back to college studying to become Paralegals and after both graduating with honours, they went on to pass their licensing exams.
With the advent of COVID-19, they felt that it would be better to expand their scope and each gained further diplomas (again with Honours)  as Law Clerks, in hopes to collaborate with like minded local legal professionals.
With a family motto of "This I'll Defend" it was perhaps inevitable that they would end up in this field, but it is clear that this is where they belong. Looking to make a difference by providing affordable and comprehensive services across the entire paralegal spectrum (and beyond). Already proud members of Justice Net, seeking to ensure that justice is available to all.

As they say ... "If you are looking for Justice, you need Just Us!"